Sunday, 29 March 2020

Beatitudes for a global pandemic.

Blessed are those who stay indoors for they have protected others.
Blessed are the unemployed and the self-employed, for their need of God is great.
Blessed are the corner shopkeepers, for they are the purveyors of scarce things.
Blessed are the delivery drivers and the postal workers, for they are the bringers of essential things.
Blessed are the hospital workers; the ambulance crews, the doctors, the nurses, the care assistants, and the cleaners, for they stand between us and the grave, and the Kingdom of Heaven is surely theirs.
Blessed are the checkout workers, for they have patience and fortitude in the face of overwork and frustration.
Blessed are the refuse collectors, for they will see God despite the mountains of waste.
Blessed are the teachers, for they remain steadfast and constant in disturbing times.
Blessed are the church workers; the deacons, priests and bishops, for they are a comforting presence in a hurting world as they continue to signpost towards God.
Blessed are the single parents, for they are coping alone with their responsibilities and there is no respite.
Blessed are those who are alone, for they are children of God and with Him they will never be lonely.
Blessed are the bereaved, for whom the worst has already happened. They shall be comforted.
Blessed are those who are isolated with their abusers, for one day – we pray - they will know safety.
Blessed are all during this time who have pure hearts; all who still hunger and thirst for justice; all who work for peace and who model mercy. May you know comfort. May you know calm. And may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us all. Amen.
 By Jayne Manfredi @TheWomanfredi

Below is a drawing of the beatitudes illustrated by Dave Walker of Cartoon Church. Free to share for personal use but available on license to churches. Thank you so much Dave for bringing these Beatitudes to life in such a beautiful way. 


  1. Dear Jayne

    I wondered if you would give your permission for a Church of Scotland parish church to replicate your Coronavirus Beatitudes - the text, without the illustrations - in the May edition of our monthly congregational magazine, which will of necessity be only available in digital form. We would, of course, acknowledge the source. Many thanks in advance. Hazel

  2. I keep seeing all the tributes to the NHS and shopkeepers, yet not a mention of farmers. Where do we think food comes from? Theyre working 7 days a week too, to feed us.

  3. Hello Jayne,
    We gavecreceuved your prayer for giing back to school & a friend of mine would like to translate it to Italian & send it to her friends & family over there.
    Is that ok?
    Phil Murphy

    1. Hi Phil,

      I think that would be wonderful! Please make sure she still credits me as the writer. Thank you.